Padthaway Madonna born on 01-04-1990 died on 25-02-2002 

                                           Champ.Padthaway Madonna W91- W92

                                             Bred by Jill and Martin Bradley

                                             Many times Best Bitch and BOB

                   High lights of her show career :

                                                                   The Dutch Champion title

                                                             Amsterdam Winner in 1991 and 1992 

                                                                   Best show bitch ESSCN 1992   

                                                    Res.champ.bitch match ESSCN in 1992.



Ashly van Duin en Kruidberg born on 14-05-1987 died on 25-02-2002

They were the start of our kennel and they will be in our hearts and thoughts forever!  


Floris v.h.Veense Springertje Hungarian and Int.Champ.

Owned by Nicolett Szendrei Hungaria

Born 29-10-96 died on a very sad way 28-10-2000

Many times Junior BIS

Many times BOB- BOG and several times BIS

Floris was a true Ambassador of our small kennel and he will always be remembered.


Wisteria v.h Veense Springertje 

Born on 01-07-1990 died on 16-10-2003

She was a good hunting dog we loved to work with her.


Magnus v.h.Veense Springertje

( Lucky owned by Grace van Wessel)

Born on 17-03-2001 died on 28-08-2005


Spring Creek’s Caddilac  

Born 27 November 1993 died on 10 January 2006

Bred by Svend Lovenkjear in Denmark.                              

Many times Best male and BOB.High lights of his show career:

The Dutch Champion title Bundesjugendsieger in 1994 

Three times on a row Best Male of the Champ. Club match ESSCN 94-96-98.

KC de Batouwe 96  BOB  2-nd BIG KC de Batouwe 97 BOB 1-th BIG and 3-th BIS

In spite of the fact that he was one of the first Eng.Springers with a long tale in Holland he had a very good show career.Caddy is a real “gentleman” and he was the King of the Castle.

He will be missed so much but will live on in our hearts and thoughts



Duchess Diba v.h.Veense Springertje

Born 02-04-1995 died on 26-05-2006

 If you are looking for me

Look inside your hearts

If you find me there

I will live on inside you.


Dutch champion Dizzy Lizzy v.h.Veense Springertje

Born 02-04-1995 died on 27-11-2007

If tears could build a stairway    

And heartache make a lane           

I’d walk the path to heaven          

And bring you back again.            


High lights of her career :

Dutch Champion title

Amsterdam Winner 97

Best show bitch ESSCN 1997

Two times on a row BOB and Best self bred Springer Of the Champion Club match of the ESSCN 98 and 2000   under English breed specialists

Finalist in the “Dog of theYear Show” 98  

World Champion 2002

Several group places.


Gentle Gipsy v.h.Veense Springertje

Born 02-06-1997 died on 07-05-2008

Several times Best Bitch and res.champ.Bitch.

Amsterdam Youth Winner 98

Monchengladbach 98 Best youth dog

Champion club match ESSCN 98 first youth class and best youth dog of the show.