All about ‘van het Veense Springertje”

In 1987 we started our small kennel with our first English Springer Spaniel Ashly van Duin en Kruidberg . She is from a dual-purpose line.




Three years later we bought our second Springer : Padthaway Madonna bred in Holland out of two English imports. She became our first champion and is the foundation of our successful show line. 


At this moment we have 12 English Springer Spaniels and one English Cocker Spaniel (just for fun) Ashly is still with us and is now an old lady, our youngest Springer is 1/2 years old.

We all live in Ingen, a very small village in the middle of Holland in the beautiful surrounding of the Betuwe



During daytime and the weather is good the dogs are playing into their field



In the evening the dogs come into the house and live with us .



If we have puppies they grow up into the house with people and all kind of animals . We also have some cats, two ponies, birds and a rabbit.


Our kennel assistant is our daughter Daphne (28.11.91) she grew up with Springer’s and she likes them very much. When she was four years old she started to competite the dog-child show and she always won first prizes, dressed like an English lady with her dog.


Later on she started with junior handling and she is doing  well. Already several third places and even one first place.



Our dogs are our mates not just for a couple of years but for a live time.


For further information you can contact us.

Rudo and Helma van den Brink

Nieuwesteeg 2

4031 JR  Ingen  The Netherlands

tel.and fax nr. +31 (0)344-604360